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BBB_060815_Lorena_Pic1.jpg BBB_060815_Lorena_Pic2.jpg BBB_060815_Lorena_Pic3.jpg BBB_060815_Lorena_Pic4.jpg
Starring: Lorena
Movie Length: 32min 28sec
Yo, why all these bubble sluts got to tempt me so? I swear the bubble butts have been coming out of the wood works lately, or maybe into them if ya know what I’m sayin’ So check the rear on Lorena, makes your mouth salivate and slobber over an ass that tasty, so sweet you could eat off of it, so we did! Right now you should be glued to your monitors, grabin’ your knob and strokin’ like it’s the end of the world, cause this week we’re givin’ you one hell of a grill smackin’ event!!

Uber Sexy Teen Bubble Butt Haley Loves a big Cock

bbb_051207_Hailey_Pic1.jpg bbb_051207_Hailey_Pic2.jpg bbb_051207_Hailey_Pic3.jpg bbb_051207_Hailey_Pic4.jpg
Starring: Haley
Movie Length: 40min 51sec
Give her and inch she’ll look at you funny…give her 9 inches she love you forever! Bubble Butts look out….we’re giving out more inches of cock so you can give us big round asses! Haley is one of the first in line. She may work at a donut shop, but she’s all about having her own tight holes fucked. Watch this guy almost nut every few minutes as her silky smooth tight pussy, angel face and big firm round ass are almost too much to handle!

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bbb_060710_Leah_Pic1.jpg bbb_060710_Leah_Pic2.jpg bbb_060710_Leah_Pic3.jpg bbb_060710_Leah_Pic4.jpg
Starring: Leah
Movie Length: 35min 26sec
There is nothin’ finer than the sun, surf, and some mega phat ass honeys walkin’ around in nothin’ but thongs; it’s an ass fanatic’s paradise! So yo check this, we go crusin’ the beach and spot these two bangin’ beauties, just chillin’, soakin’ up some rays, and oh yeah rubbin’ oil all over their asses! I swear, the second I saw Leah and Brianna my dick tried rippin’ my shorts in half just to get at those two bubbliciously insane asses! Don’t Miss this Double Bubble Butt update!

Ur gonna think U died & went 2 bubble butt heaven!

BBB_070501_Jenny_Pic1.jpg BBB_070501_Jenny_Pic2.jpg BBB_070501_Jenny_Pic3.jpg BBB_070501_Jenny_Pic4.jpg
Starring: Jenny Hendrix
Movie Length: 30min 17sec
Here at HushPass.com, we pride ourselves on bringing you the very best in booty and beauty. And Jenny is no exception with her special asset which she doesn’t mind showing off! Back at the spot she wastes no time in showing of that wonderland of ass hiding behind those shorts! She makes her ass wobble all over the damn place as this guy with a huge cock takes a bite out of it and then fucks it! It’s another booty filled adventure here at HushPass.com!

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BBB_070610_Mandy_Pic1.jpg BBB_070610_Mandy_Pic2.jpg BBB_070610_Mandy_Pic3.jpg BBB_070610_Mandy_Pic4.jpg
Starring: Mandy Luxx
Movie Length: 31min 58sec
Wow! Mandy is the definition of a young hot chick with a bubble ass! And when hot little Mandy walks up selling her candy, she ends up getting a little snack of her own! Watch as Mandy takes a big cock right down her throat and then gets her sweet little snatch stuffed until her face is covered in cum! Its another mouth watering episode of Bubble Butt Bonanza that you wont want to miss!