Bubble Butt Buffet!

BBB_060815_Lorena-1.jpg BBB_060815_Lorena-2.jpg BBB_060815_Lorena-3.jpg BBB_060815_Lorena-4.jpg
Starring: Lorena Sanchez
Movie Length: 32min 23sec
Yo, why all these bubble sluts got to tempt me so? I swear the bubble butts have been coming out of the wood works lately, or maybe into them if ya know what I’m sayin’? So check the rear on Lorena, makes your mouth salivate and slobber over an ass that tasty, so sweet you could eat off of it, so we did! Right now you should be glued to your monitors, grabin’ your knob and strokin’ like it’s the end of the world, cause this week we’re givin’ you one hell of a grill smackin’ event, it’s the flava’ of the week, the all you can eat, the bubble butt rump roast!!! Bon appetite’ yo!!!

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HMP_Edgar_and_Cocoa_Pic1.jpg HMP_Edgar_and_Cocoa_Pic2.jpg HMP_Edgar_and_Cocoa_Pic3.jpg HMP_Edgar_and_Cocoa_Pic4.jpg
Starring: Edgar and Cocoa
Movie Length: 17min 22sec
Real Amateur Cocoa is a black teen that loves old guy cream. She’s been dating Edgar, a white man twice her age and loves the way he fucks her tight teen pussy! She is also the type of girl that loves to have millions of people watch her big black booty get fucked by a man as old as her Daddy! Watch Edgar fuck this teen silly in their own little homemade sex tape!!

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HMFF5_Shiloh_Sin_Pic1.jpg HMFF5_Shiloh_Sin_Pic2.jpg HMFF5_Shiloh_Sin_Pic3.jpg HMFF5_Shiloh_Sin_Pic4.jpg
Starring: Shiloh Sin
Movie Length: 15min 59sec
Real true Amateur Shiloh has a big fat ass that her boyfriend loves to spank and fuck! Watch this dude that’s uglier than you get his cock and balls massaged by this hot slutty little girl next door! She needs it so bad that she let’s him have his way with her however he pleases! She’s so thankful for the fuck that she takes a nice big load in the mouth and swallows it like a starving puppy!

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HMTT2_Brandi_and_Mike_Pic1.jpg HMTT2_Brandi_and_Mike_Pic2.jpg HMTT2_Brandi_and_Mike_Pic3.jpg HMTT2_Brandi_and_Mike_Pic4.jpg
Starring: Brandi and Mike
Movie Length: 20min 26sec
Here is a Home made Amateur couple sex tape just for you! This hot little ginger named Brandi just loves to fuck her real life boyfriend right in front of you knowing you’re jerking one out to her! She cums buckets knowing men around the world are jerking off watching this innocent southern girl next door taking a load! Don’t let Brandi down, jerk off to this atleast twice!!

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HMTT2_Sadie_and_Mitch_Pic1.jpg HMTT2_Sadie_and_Mitch_Pic2.jpg HMTT2_Sadie_and_Mitch_Pic3.jpg HMTT2_Sadie_and_Mitch_Pic4.jpg
Starring: Sadie and Mitch
Movie Length: 18min 58sec
Sadie and Mitch live in Las Vegas and when they’re not gambling, they like to fuck each other silly. She has a beautiful big white girl booty that likes to have a guy bounce and pound off of it while he’s sliding in and out of the juicy wet teen pussy. He can only take so much before he blows a huge load of jizz all over the beautiful ass!