Booty Bubble Treats!

BBB_060901_Devon-1.jpg BBB_060901_Devon-2.jpg BBB_060901_Devon-3.jpg BBB_060901_Devon-4.jpg
Starring: Devon Lee
Movie Length: 45min 48sec
Why does the God of booty torment me so?!! I MEAN DAMN! I saw this sweet ass just beggin’ to be my next bubblicious bubbly treat, I’m addicted to booty treats… They’re just out there, all over the place, walkin’ around… waitin’… waitin’ to be given a serious lickin’, grillin’ and creamy fillin’ if ya feel me, and let me tell you Devon was at the top of that list, so what else could I do but bring her back to the booy cave! I swear to you now, her shit is off da hook, if you’re any kind of a booty connoisseur like me, this is one piece of ass you just can’t pass! PADOWWW!