Booty Makeover Extreme

BBB_061023_Lindsay-1.jpg BBB_061023_Lindsay-2.jpg BBB_061023_Lindsay-3.jpg BBB_061023_Lindsay-4.jpg
Starring: Lindsay Kay
Movie Length: 47min 41sec
So we’ve hunted the elusive Bubble Butt, but this time we’re bringing out the butt, cause my girl Lindsay got one hell of a bubblicious bangin booty that’s off da mother fuckin’ hook! Problem is girl don’t know the ass she’s got, and that’s why she called me, cause if anyone knows how to accentuate the bubble rump rocker it’s the man of the wild booty kingdom himself Destro Dama rama damus! So we did a little shoppin’ and brought the ass out of this girl, and then we got her to shake it at our sticks!!