Gift Giving Rump Rocker

BBB_061024_Alexia-1.jpg BBB_061024_Alexia-2.jpg BBB_061024_Alexia-3.jpg BBB_061024_Alexia-4.jpg
Starring: Alexia Milano
Movie Length: 45min 27sec
Holy Shhiii aaaattttttt, Alexia’s got the ass that keeps on bouncin’? I kid you not, my boy gives me a holler sayin’ he’s got a special bubblicious surprise for me! I didn’t know what to expect but I’ll admit I wasn’t let down and neither was my cock! Girl can work her ass, shake her shit, the whole booty load, its like booty that knows how to be booty, ya know? So we grilled this girl, made her work that ass and let me tell you, it was like heaven… booty lovers of the world, this is one sweet ass that can’t be missed, PEACE OUT!!!