Maximum Bubble Wattage!

BBB_060918_Julia-1.jpg BBB_060918_Julia-2.jpg BBB_060918_Julia-3.jpg BBB_060918_Julia-4.jpg
Starring: Julia Bond
Movie Length: 41min 33sec
Yo, Who’s that booty addicted, New York accent speakin’, madman coming down the chimney? Who else but BUBBLE CLAUS, here to drop off a phat bubblicious ass, and yeah that’s right we lit up Julia’s cock shakin’, jock crankin’, phat bubble booty like a Christmas tree! I swear, lately its felt like Christmas with all the ass flyin’ at me, this little bubble booty delectable came to us from out of nowhere! Seriously, I look and no booty and then bam! instantaneous bubble booty delivery! Truly it ain’t Christmas, but it sure as hell is startin’ to look like it! PEACE!!!