Mega Junk in the Trunk!

BBB_060913_Britney-1.jpg BBB_060913_Britney-2.jpg BBB_060913_Britney-3.jpg BBB_060913_Britney-4.jpg
Starring: Britney Stevens
Movie Length: 47min 15sec
Okay all you ass lovin’, booty huggin’, bubble slut fuckin’ guys, the school of booty is open, and the one and only Destro ramma ramma ramus will be your instructor! This blew my mind, I’d never thought of teaching bubble dynamics, so when one of my bros asked me about ass I couldn’t stop myself from giving a live demonstration, and thank god I did, cause guys I found an ass that’s so… seriously the butt on Britney? I can’t describe how bubbly her butt truly is, it’s just BA DAM in your face, and if you’re lucky on your cock? PEACE!!