Beggin’ Bouncin’ Booty!

BBB_061103_Sunny-1.jpg BBB_061103_Sunny-2.jpg BBB_061103_Sunny-3.jpg BBB_061103_Sunny-4.jpg
Starring: Sunny Lane
Movie Length: 37min 31sec
Oh dear lord, the ass on Sunny? straight out, your blood just does like a 180 from your head, and at the speed of light shoots straight down to your cock, there is just no way to resist it, her ass is just a straight out dick magnet!! That’s right the power of the ass is like super powered with her, and the funny thing the girl was all about being on the Bonanza! I swear it was like we fell into the Bubble Butt Zone, where everything is about the almighty ass, and all it wants to do is come back and play a game of spin the booty! Seriously this is one mega bubblicious butt that you can’t miss, PEACE!!

Cyber Bubble space!!

BBB_061114_Kiara-1.jpg BBB_061114_Kiara-2.jpg BBB_061114_Kiara-3.jpg BBB_061114_Kiara-4.jpg
Starring: Kiara Marie
Movie Length: 48min 36sec
DAMN I LOVE THE INTERNET, check this shit, we’ve got the first traveling booty delivery… girl hit me up via e mail and before I knew it she was on her way for the ultimate bubble bonanza experience! That’s right Kiara traveled the web and the world just to get her bangin’ badunkadunk, mega bottom, rump rocking bubblicious bubble butt on the one site dedicated to bringing all that juicy ass meat? seriously missing these saddle bags is like a sin against all that is the bubble butt, only on? BUBBLE BUTT BONANZA!!!

Gift Giving Rump Rocker

BBB_061024_Alexia-1.jpg BBB_061024_Alexia-2.jpg BBB_061024_Alexia-3.jpg BBB_061024_Alexia-4.jpg
Starring: Alexia Milano
Movie Length: 45min 27sec
Holy Shhiii aaaattttttt, Alexia’s got the ass that keeps on bouncin’? I kid you not, my boy gives me a holler sayin’ he’s got a special bubblicious surprise for me! I didn’t know what to expect but I’ll admit I wasn’t let down and neither was my cock! Girl can work her ass, shake her shit, the whole booty load, its like booty that knows how to be booty, ya know? So we grilled this girl, made her work that ass and let me tell you, it was like heaven… booty lovers of the world, this is one sweet ass that can’t be missed, PEACE OUT!!!

Booty Makeover Extreme

BBB_061023_Lindsay-1.jpg BBB_061023_Lindsay-2.jpg BBB_061023_Lindsay-3.jpg BBB_061023_Lindsay-4.jpg
Starring: Lindsay Kay
Movie Length: 47min 41sec
So we’ve hunted the elusive Bubble Butt, but this time we’re bringing out the butt, cause my girl Lindsay got one hell of a bubblicious bangin booty that’s off da mother fuckin’ hook! Problem is girl don’t know the ass she’s got, and that’s why she called me, cause if anyone knows how to accentuate the bubble rump rocker it’s the man of the wild booty kingdom himself Destro Dama rama damus! So we did a little shoppin’ and brought the ass out of this girl, and then we got her to shake it at our sticks!!

Peek A Bubble Boo!

BBB_061018_Richelle-1.jpg BBB_061018_Richelle-2.jpg BBB_061018_Richelle-3.jpg BBB_061018_Richelle-4.jpg
Starring: Richelle Ryan
Movie Length: 40min 11sec
Yo here’s an ass that advertises and this girl’s got enough booty that you could put a whole freakin’ billboard on! So, like I go shoppin’ with friends and out of nowhere they’re tellin’ me to bring the cam over and what do I spy but a bangin’ bubble ass shakin’ it’s shit, tryin’ like hell to squeeze into this pair of tight keister rific pants and my jaw just hit the ground, cause girl’s back their jiggling her junk playin’ with her ass, and I just couldn’t help it, that ass just begged to be certified as only an ass master like myself can do, so we brought that ass back to the crib and shook it like it weren’t no thing, PEACE!!!