Bubblicious Booticus Extremus!

BBB_061017_Presley-1.jpg BBB_061017_Presley-2.jpg BBB_061017_Presley-3.jpg BBB_061017_Presley-4.jpg
Starring: Presley Maddox
Movie Length: 51min 43sec
Yo? do you hear that? that is the sweet mating call of a Bubblicious Booticus Extremus, a.k.a. a phat ass, rump rockin’ Bubble Butt! That’s right, we went hunting on the first ever, official Bubble Butt Hunt, and did we ever catch a real bubblicious booty? Our specimen, Presley, has an ass that will literally melt your feakin’ brain, I swear it takes just one look at her cock ridin’ saddlebags and your dick goes into instant overload!! Seriously her middle name should be OMG, cause when you see the backdoor on this bitch you’re left in a state of bubble booty shock!! PEACE!!!


BBB_061013_Jassie-1.jpg BBB_061013_Jassie-2.jpg BBB_061013_Jassie-3.jpg BBB_061013_Jassie-4.jpg
Starring: Jasse Monroe
Movie Length: 36min 43sec
Yo, you know it’s a good thing when friends owe you ass? I’m serious a friend of mine from way back showed up with a present for me, a nice young bubblicious ass whose name is Jasse! I mean here’s an ass that just jiggles when she wiggles, and this girl knows how to wiggle her ass! And how about this, my friend stuck around to make sure I had one bubble bangin’ rump rockin’ of a good time! Yo, missin’ this sweet cheeked wonder is not something you wanna do, so grab your meat and get crankin’!!


BBB_060920_Caroline-1.jpg BBB_060920_Caroline-2.jpg BBB_060920_Caroline-3.jpg BBB_060920_Caroline-4.jpg
Starring: Caroline Pierce
Movie Length: 49min 33sec
OMG you ever been out rollin’ and spotted one of those amazin’ bubble booties that you can’t peel your eyes away from, and at the same time it’s attached to a woman you have no chance in hell with? Well Bubble Butt Bonanza cums through for you once again? I shit you not, we never thought we had a chance at this bangin’ babe, but Caroline gave us the time of day and the time of our booty lovin’ minds! So grab your cranks and get to work cause Caroline is gonna blow your top, PEACE!!

Maximum Bubble Wattage!

BBB_060918_Julia-1.jpg BBB_060918_Julia-2.jpg BBB_060918_Julia-3.jpg BBB_060918_Julia-4.jpg
Starring: Julia Bond
Movie Length: 41min 33sec
Yo, Who’s that booty addicted, New York accent speakin’, madman coming down the chimney? Who else but BUBBLE CLAUS, here to drop off a phat bubblicious ass, and yeah that’s right we lit up Julia’s cock shakin’, jock crankin’, phat bubble booty like a Christmas tree! I swear, lately its felt like Christmas with all the ass flyin’ at me, this little bubble booty delectable came to us from out of nowhere! Seriously, I look and no booty and then bam! instantaneous bubble booty delivery! Truly it ain’t Christmas, but it sure as hell is startin’ to look like it! PEACE!!!

Mega Junk in the Trunk!

BBB_060913_Britney-1.jpg BBB_060913_Britney-2.jpg BBB_060913_Britney-3.jpg BBB_060913_Britney-4.jpg
Starring: Britney Stevens
Movie Length: 47min 15sec
Okay all you ass lovin’, booty huggin’, bubble slut fuckin’ guys, the school of booty is open, and the one and only Destro ramma ramma ramus will be your instructor! This blew my mind, I’d never thought of teaching bubble dynamics, so when one of my bros asked me about ass I couldn’t stop myself from giving a live demonstration, and thank god I did, cause guys I found an ass that’s so… seriously the butt on Britney? I can’t describe how bubbly her butt truly is, it’s just BA DAM in your face, and if you’re lucky on your cock? PEACE!!

Badunkadunk Madness!

BBB_060911_Angel-1.jpg BBB_060911_Angel-2.jpg BBB_060911_Angel-3.jpg BBB_060911_Angel-4.jpg
Starring: Angel Eyes
Movie Length: 50min 40sec
The God of booty has finally heard my rants, cause he sent me an Angel with a phat poppin ass! Yo check this, I’ve given up lookin’ for booty, they just keep cummin’ to me, so it’s only natural that a killer ass like Angel’s would ?cum to the Destro?? so naturally I perused my depraved, booty overloaded mind and came up with the first ever bubble butt painting, that’s right guys we painted her ass after we tapped that ass! So don’t be an uncultured booty craved slob and check out the painting of this Angel, PEACE OUT!!!