Booty Bubble Treats!

BBB_060901_Devon-1.jpg BBB_060901_Devon-2.jpg BBB_060901_Devon-3.jpg BBB_060901_Devon-4.jpg
Starring: Devon Lee
Movie Length: 45min 48sec
Why does the God of booty torment me so?!! I MEAN DAMN! I saw this sweet ass just beggin’ to be my next bubblicious bubbly treat, I’m addicted to booty treats… They’re just out there, all over the place, walkin’ around… waitin’… waitin’ to be given a serious lickin’, grillin’ and creamy fillin’ if ya feel me, and let me tell you Devon was at the top of that list, so what else could I do but bring her back to the booy cave! I swear to you now, her shit is off da hook, if you’re any kind of a booty connoisseur like me, this is one piece of ass you just can’t pass! PADOWWW!

Brown Eye for the Booty Guy!

BBB_060824_Pinky-1.jpg BBB_060824_Pinky-2.jpg BBB_060824_Pinky-3.jpg BBB_060824_Pinky-4.jpg
Starring: Pinky
Movie Length: 43min 04sec
Dear lord, thank you for sending a poor bastard like me, this ass, cause damn Pinky has just an insane, mind blowin’, cock popin ass! I swear, if her ass was anymore perfect it’d be hangin’ in a museum as the next wonder of the world! I saw that ass and it knocked my stupid, literally, my mind just couldn’t wrap itself around that ass?yo so check it out cause missin’ this ass just ain’t acceptable! PEACE!!!

Rump Rockers Galore

bbb_060725_Crissy-1.jpg bbb_060725_Crissy-2.jpg bbb_060725_Crissy-3.jpg bbb_060725_Crissy-4.jpg
Starring: Crissy Cums
Movie Length: 48min 15sec
Good God, asses just seem to be flyin’ at me from everywhere! I swear this chick’s bubbly ass goodness is good to the last plop, cause damn this girl has got some kickin’ saddle bags! Yo, so missin’ out on Crissy rockin’ her rump is like breathin’ and getin’ no air, you just fill unfulfilled! Somebody call me a shrink cause I’ve been hypnotized by her sweet cheeks and now all they do is run through my mind, PADOW O WOWO!!!