Holy Bubble Butts Batman! Alexis Has Got An Ass!!!

BBB_070411_Alexis_Pic1.jpg BBB_070411_Alexis_Pic2.jpg BBB_070411_Alexis_Pic3.jpg BBB_070411_Alexis_Pic4.jpg
Starring: Alexis Texas
Movie Length: 28min 35sec
Whoa, now this shit is what bubble butt is all about! Alexis has a booty the size of Texas that just wont stop! First you see it wiggle, then you see it jiggle, this chicks ass is just bouncing all over the damn place! Come watch as we oil up her ass and then spread it and cram inch after inch of dick into her until we dump a big load in her open mouth!

Alexis bounces on the jewish pogo stick!

BBB_090323_Alexis-1.jpg BBB_090323_Alexis-2.jpg BBB_090323_Alexis-3.jpg BBB_090323_Alexis-4.jpg
Starring: Alexis Breeze
Movie Length: 32min 57sec
Good God, asses just seem to be flyin’ at me from everywhere! I swear this chick’s bubbly ass goodness is good to the last plop, cause damn this girl has got some kickin’ saddle bags! Yo, so missin’ out on Alexis rockin’ her rump is like breathin’ and getin’ no air, you just fill unfulfilled! Somebody call me a shrink cause I’ve been hypnotized by her sweet cheeks and now all they do is run through my mind, PADOW O WOWO!!!