DOUBLE BUBBLE Butt trouble and 1 cock to solve it!

bbb_060710_Leah_Pic1.jpg bbb_060710_Leah_Pic2.jpg bbb_060710_Leah_Pic3.jpg bbb_060710_Leah_Pic4.jpg
Starring: Leah
Movie Length: 35min 26sec
There is nothin’ finer than the sun, surf, and some mega phat ass honeys walkin’ around in nothin’ but thongs; it’s an ass fanatic’s paradise! So yo check this, we go crusin’ the beach and spot these two bangin’ beauties, just chillin’, soakin’ up some rays, and oh yeah rubbin’ oil all over their asses! I swear, the second I saw Leah and Brianna my dick tried rippin’ my shorts in half just to get at those two bubbliciously insane asses! Don’t Miss this Double Bubble Butt update!

Barbie is an All American Cock Sucker Anal Fucker!

bbb_060621_Barbie_Pic1.jpg bbb_060621_Barbie_Pic2.jpg bbb_060621_Barbie_Pic3.jpg bbb_060621_Barbie_Pic4.jpg
Starring: Barbie Cummings
Movie Length: 30min 34sec
All I can say is dammmnnnnnnnn! Yo, this bubblicious booty was just too perfect to pass up you know? I saw this ass and thought I had died and gone to heaven, cause this ass is just that perfect! And what’s better is that the grill that ass is attached too is just as sweet as those perfectly round sweet checks! Watch her beg for her ass to get fucked and then beg to taste it! Yo this is one Barb doll any man would willingly pay any price for!!!

Bonzai for Bubble Booty!! Gia Takes it in The Ass

bbb_060623_Giavanna_Pic1.jpg bbb_060623_Giavanna_Pic2.jpg bbb_060623_Giavanna_Pic3.jpg bbb_060623_Giavanna_Pic4.jpg
Starring: Giavanna
Movie Length: 31min 50sec
OMG, I could not believe this, you know things are off da hook, when girls are being brought to you, tellin’ you that they’re the next bubblicious bubble butt! DAMMMMMNNNN!!! Let me tell you straight out, Giavanna has mad ass skills, you know, and she’s got a serious bubble butt to back up those skills. I swear this girl’s got a bubble butt that when that booty shakes men within a three mile radius get instant hard ons!!! Watch her Take that dick right up her rectal love hole! Hot Scene!!

PHAT ASS ADDICTION! This Bubble Butt Blonde Rocks!

bbb_060707_Kelli_Pic1.jpg bbb_060707_Kelli_Pic2.jpg bbb_060707_Kelli_Pic3.jpg bbb_060707_Kelli_Pic4.jpg
Starring: Kelli Brooks
Movie Length: 32min 03sec
Waz up! Check this shit out, I’m just out kickin’ it with my boys, you know sprayin’ chicks with water guns and what not, and what should walk by but one of the finest booties ever! I swear from beginnin’ to end it was just crazy, upon crazy, upon crazy! Seriously this girl got soakin’ wet, and my dick got throbbin’ hard! Gentlemen, missin’ Kelli’s fine, phat, booty grindin’ ass riding on some serious cock is just plain fucked, so grab your dicks and Bubble click!!!!


BBB_061015_Denae_Pic1.jpg BBB_061015_Denae_Pic2.jpg BBB_061015_Denae_Pic3.jpg BBB_061015_Denae_Pic4.jpg
Starring: Denae
Movie Length: 28min 19sec
OMG the ass on this girl is seriously insane, I swear to god her ass is so powerful guys left and right were turnin’ into boner fied zombies, they just lost all blood to their brains and just started shuffling their dicks along after her sweet ass, it was seriously nuts, so what else could I do but grab that bodacious, mind blowin’ ass and bring it back to the booty cave? Yo, be warned, Denae’s ass has a hypnotic effect that could leave you a booty crazed, boner fied zombie all stiffened up and drooling over your keyboard! PEACE!!!


bbb_060620_Renee-1.jpg bbb_060620_Renee-2.jpg bbb_060620_Renee-3.jpg bbb_060620_Renee-4.jpg
Starring: Renee Jordan
Movie Length: 42min 55sec
Yo this was just plain mad stupid! Check this, me and my boy were out being healthy and shit, blazin’ some trails, gettin’ back with nature, when I spotted this bubble ass strumin’ on a guitar. Granted she can’t play it to save her life, but damn did she have an ass! It got such a rise from my shorts we just had to have a taste right there in the trees and shit! Thank god I was in a forest cause I had mad wood… peace!!!