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bbb_060206_Flower_Pic1.jpg bbb_060206_Flower_Pic2.jpg bbb_060206_Flower_Pic3.jpg bbb_060206_Flower_Pic4.jpg
Starring: Flower Tucci
Movie Length: 25min 06sec
Roses are red and asses are round, and this is why Flower loves getting her ass plowed. She seen her first monster cock and her panties got damp, she even took it and squirted like a true champ. Some stranger fucked Flower, a wife who now lives in sin, but to see how the rest of this story goes, you have to log in!

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Starring: Katie Cummings
Movie Length: 29min 09sec
Katie is all of 19 and already has a big white girl booty and a taste for Big Black Cock! Her tight little teen pussy takes awhile to get it in, but once this Bad Ass Black man starts strokin’, she realizes he ain’t jokin’! Watch this juicy little teen daughter take it like she was born for BBC porn!! Oh lawdy, this be some good fuckin’!!!!!!